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Founded in 2015 by two of Humboldt County’s own, Up North is a nonprofit collective on a mission to provide patients greater access to premiere craft cannabis products. Set deep within the famed Emerald Triangle — nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Trinity Alps in the last stronghold of northern California’s Redwood forest — they rep the best cannabis products anywhere on the planet.


  • Emerald Essence Bruce Banner
    Hybrid S/I


    Up North’s Bruce Banner #1

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    Type: Sativa/Indica

    Aroma/Flavor: Bruce Banner is pungently sour to the nose. Its flavor, however, is rather mild, leaving a note of sweet earth and not much else.

    Typical Effects: This strain provides a great balance of its hybrid effects. It will ease pains rather quickly while relaxing muscle tension. Its Sativa effects lend a sense of inspired creativity to the mix. Its effects tend to linger in the head, melting slowly into a relaxed and care-free peace. Try this strain for anxiety, pain and depression relief, mainly during the day.

    Appellation: Humboldt County

    Strain History: Strawberry Diesel X OG Kush

  • Northern Emeralds Durban Poison


    Up North Farms’ Durban Poison

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    Type: Sativa

    Flavor/Aroma:  This famous strain has earthen aromas with hints of diesel and stinky cheese.

    Typical Effect:  This landrace sativa is a great stress reliever and a decent daytime pain reliever. It is world famous for being a strong and uplifting option for daytime use. Its heady effects create an unrivaled euphoria, accented by extreme creativity and social stimulation. Use this incredible strain any time of day to help combat anxiety and depression while easing physical discomfort as well.

    Appellation: Humboldt County

    Strain History: This strain is a subtropical plant named after the South African port city of Durban.

  • animal cookies
    Hybrid I/S


    Up North Farms’ Animal Cookies

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    Type: Indica/Sativa

    Aroma/Flavor: This refreshing strain is earthy and nutty to the nose with a tinge of sweet vanilla on exhale.

    Typical Effects:  Animal Cookies provides a calming euphoria. Often, this strain can induce a strong mental uplift coupled with a tingling body sensation. It will gradually sedate you to a point of blissful couch-lock. Its effects begin with a heavy head, leaving you mentally hazy, but happy and relaxed. Its physical effects knock out pain and replace it with a tingly numbness.This is a great strain for combating fatigue, pain and depression. Smoke in the evening to fully benefit from Animal Cookies’ therapeutic effects.

    Appellation: Humboldt County

    Strain History: GSC x Fire OG Bx3


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