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    Hybrid S/I

    420 SPECIAL – Dos Rios Farms Miyagi OG 1/4

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    Dos Rios Farms Miyagi OG Type: Sativa/Indica Flavor/Aroma: This strain smells of citrus and pine. Its flavor is pronounced, with sour lemon notes and pine-like earthen freshness.  Typical Effects: Miyagi is a solid hybrid. It is uplifting, and a great option for full-body pain relief. The quick onset makes it a perfect daytime focus-based strain. This strain is ideal for those who suffer from fatigue or depression. It can lead to fierce munchies, a helpful effect for those suffering from appetite loss. Try this potent strain tonight for the relief of even the toughest symptoms with a side of spacey-headed bliss. Strain History: Mazar x Blueberry x OG Kush Appellation: Covelo
    $60.00 $55.00
    $60.00 $55.00
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    THC%: 18.63
    Hybrid I/S


    Dos Rios Farms’ Outdoor Long Valley Reserve 1/8th

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    Dos Rios Farms' OD Long Valley Reserve  Type:  Indica/Sativa Aroma/Flavor:  Citrus and pepper spices. Typical Effects:  This phenotype of Long Valley Royal kush offers instant gratification in the form of a relaxed body and care-free mind. Best used in the evening. Appellation:  Round Valley, Mendocino County Strain History: Phenotype of Long Valley Royal Kush
    THC%: 18.63


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