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Blazing Oaks Cannabis

A third generation family farm and homestead located in the beautiful Sanel Valley of Mendocino County, Blazing Oaks strives to produce the most unique, delicious, sun-grown cannabis possible.
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  • Archive OG
    THC%: 23.89
    Hybrid S/I

    Blazing Oaks’ Watermelon Rancher

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    Type: Indica Dominant Aroma/Flavor: This strain holds a lemon-diesel pungent fuel-like aroma spliced with sour citrus. Typical Effects: The buzz of this strain is uplifting and will make you smile. Its psychedelic and uplifting high is a sure way to combat depression but be wary - as this strain can also give you heavy eyelids and put you in the mood for a nap. Appellation: Mendo Hills - Grown by Blazing Oaks Farm
    THC%: 23.89
  • BlazingOaks Light Deprivation Sunset Sherbet
    Hybrid I/S

    Blazing Oaks’ Light Deprivation Sunset Sorbet

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    Type: Indica/Sativa Aroma/Flavor: Light Deprivation Sunset Sherbet is a pine-scented flower with sweet earthen notes. Its flavor is mildly sweet and earthy. Typical Effects: This strain is a relaxing mid-afternoon hybrid. Its effects can leave you with bouts of laughter and feeling a bit like a social butterfly. Its physical effects erase pain and tension, leaving only a tingling numbness behind. This strain's balance of effects makes it a great choice for the treatment of anxiety and depression, with an added benefit of numbing mild to moderate pains. Try this strain in the evening to see how sedative her effects are for you. Appellation: Mendocino County - Click HERE to learn more about Blazing Oaks!
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