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    Tossed Sauced & Baked Sauces

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    Balance is the key to enjoying Cannabis responsibly, and with our new line of Sauces it is easy to achieve that balance in your everyday meal preparations. Infusing our award-winning sauces was the next step in our culinary journey. After decades of ideation, countless hours in the kitchen perfecting flavor profiles and re-working recipes, Tossed Sauced & Baked was created. A culinary Cannabis company that is disrupting the industry with award-winning savory and sweet Cannabis infused products that you can use in your own kitchen everyday.
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    THCmg: 100

    F.A. Ninos Smokin’ Green Pot Sauce

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    Once you try it you will understand the difference, but at a glance here is the Pot Sauce advantage: The same great flavor of F. A. Nino's Smokin' Green hot sauce infused with THC to add a kick to any meal! Each 6 oz bottle contains 100 MG of THC from Kushla Life Science's new R.E.A.C.T. or: Rapid Effect Active Cannabinoid Technology, which has a reported onset after as little as 5-10 minutes! The product and experience: 100 MG/THC per bottle Rapid onset cannabinoid technology from Kushla High quality artisan sauce base already a successful non-infused product Small profile and does not require refrigeration Can be added to any food item, versatile as an ingredient at any point in cooking
    THCmg: 100
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