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  • DOSHA & LOKEY Vape Cartridges

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    Who We Are: We’re an independently-owned, veteran-operated team of Bay Area locals with deep roots in the Oakland community. As equity license-holders and industry leaders, we’re passionate about providing potent, pure product that’s accessible & approachable, from seed-to-sale. Our Mission: Dosha provides consistent, safe, unique cannabis experiences. As grassroots legacy operators, trust & transparency have been crucial to our success in this industry. We remain highly-committed to cannabis justice, and invite you to join us in our work to help repair the harms of the failed ‘war on drugs,’ one bud (and one happy customer) at a time. Our Brands: Dosha & Lokey are home-grown brands born from a deeply-held belief that everyone deserves potent cannabis, without goin’ broke. Built from the ground-up, our small 20 person team honors the spirit of the plant with fair prices, friendly staff and high-integrity processes in growing, packaging & distribution.
  • KUDA Cannabis Concentrates

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    Feel the moment — Enjoy a Kuda. It is here, up in the Northern California mountains, where coastal fog floats through redwood valleys, and while golden hour shifts to purple horizons, the beauty that surrounds undoubtedly deserves a celebration. This is where the Kuda family began. It is here, on the mountaintop, we remember to stop for a second and to appreciate all the little moments life provides, no matter the landscape. So whether you're under the moon or the sun, alone in a tree or with friends on the couch, there’s always an occasion for a Kuda. What makes a KUDA? PREMIUM CANNABIS KUDA is proud to provide cannabis grown with passionate and professional cultivators throughout the West Coast. Sustainable agricultural practices not only help reduce our footprint, but keep our plant’s and employees happy and healthy in a safe and clean environment. TERPENE Terpenes in cannabis embody a plant’s essence and flavors, but also contribute in other aspects of the cannabis experience - such as added clarity, euphoria, or relaxation. Some terpenes found in KUDA Joints include Limonene, Pinene, and Terpineol, to name a few. In just one bud, traces of over 50 different types of terpenes can be found.
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