Know Your Strain: Tangie

Know Your Strain: Tangie
May 16, 2017 Noa

Know Your Strain: Tangie

For fans of sativa and sweet citrus flavors, Tangie is a “don’t miss” strain. Created by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, Tangie is a blend of California Orange and a skunk hybrid. The result is a delicious, sweet tangerine flavored strain that embodies the best sativa effects.

Tangie can be a creeper strain for some, taking some time before noticeable effects occur. Once it kicks in, most users will experience a relaxed, euphoric high with plenty of clear-headed mental energy. Expect a positive, happy attitude with this strain. Tangie’s mental energy lends itself to creative pursuits and inspired thoughts. It’s a solid choice for morning and day use.

Tangie is a multi-cup winner and is known to produce deliciously potent extracts. It’s an excellent candidate for outdoor growing, producing high yields of resinous, light green buds on tall, sturdy plants. The buds are small and compact, typically with tangerine-orange hairs and a strong sweet tangerine aroma.

Common medical uses for Tangie include nausea and digestive issues as well as mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Summary: Tangie is a sativa dominant strain known for its unique, sweet tangerine aroma. An excellent choice for morning or daytime use, it provides a clear-headed, creative high with euphoric, happy mood lift. Medicinal uses include depression and anxiety as well as digestive problems including nausea.

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