Humboldt Heirlooms

Humboldt County

Bringing Healing to People, Plants, and the Earth. Humboldt Heirlooms are a craft cannabis farm located in Humboldt County, CA.

Seed Grown

Humboldt Heirlooms believes in growing all of their strains from seed in order to develop stability over time.


All of Humboldt Heirlooms' cannabis is grown 100% outdoors in the full summer sun and a natural ecosystem.

Humboldt Heirlooms

Humboldt Heirlooms utilizes energy healing to produce high-vibrational cannabis.

Healthy Ecosystems

Humboldt Heirlooms uses indigenous micro-organisms to create healthy, organic living soils.

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You'll have to wait until harvest 2018 for Humboldt Heirlooms' products, but here are some options we know you'll love in the meantime!