Giving Tree Farms

Mendocino County

Giving Tree Farms' mission is to get cannabis lovers to look beyond THC when choosing their strains. They use a combination of science and biodynamic farming to develop cannabis strains with complex profiles and potent results.

Small Batch

Giving Tree specializes in growing unique cannabis strains in small batches to ensure the best quality.

CBD Rich

Giving Tree jumps at every chance to challenge themselves by growing unique CBD-rich strains.

Family Owned

Giving Tree is owned and operated by the power team of Chris and Courtney. Together they bring a strong set of skills and passion to their cannabis.

Sun & Greenhouse Grown

Giving Tree utilizes greenhouses and the full summer sun to grow a vast majority of their strains. They work tirelessly to create new genetics too!

support them on instagram @giving.tree.farms!

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