Foxworthy Farms

Sonoma County

Foxworthy Farms in Sonoma County produces organic sun-grown cannabis on Mt. Diamond, off St. Helena Rd. They work with very long-term partners for our indoor strains, dating back to the early years of PCC, and only put their name on the highest quality of cannabis.


Foxworthy Farms' specialty is sun-grown, outdoor cannabis. Grown locally here in Sonoma County.


Foxworthy Farms focuses on their in-house strains such as Old Mother Sativa, Old Mother Gorilla in several phenotypes and crosses, plus a wide variety of boutique and exotic strains in smaller batches.


Foxworthy Farms primarily uses compost for their feed, and find that the resulting plants are vigorous and resilient, minimizing the need for intervention. They also practice an extended cure that stabilizes the moisture and terpene profile of their cannabis for improved shelf-life, flavor, and aroma over time.


Foxworthy Farms' core practices for sun-grown are to minimize tilling, maximize beneficial microbiota and predators, and use only products compliant with Envirocann’s organic farming practices.

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