First Cut Farms

First Cut Farms, in magical Mendocino County, breeds and produces the highest quality, organically grown cannabis available worldwide. First Cut Farms is rooted in Covelo, in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle. Founder and Cultivator Jerry Munn is a long-time cannabis activist with 30 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and advocacy. His life's journey is dedicated to providing world-class cannabis to you.


Jerry has been growing for 30 years. He's grown and cultivated indoor, outdoor and hydroponic gardens, from the cities to the mountains. His favorite style is outdoor, full-term, sun-grown, big trees. He enjoys nature and working in the elements. Jerry's mentor for nearly 30 years was Dennis Peron, a hero to all cannabis patients and enthusiasts.

Perfectly Located

First Cut Farms is situated in an eco-system and micro-climate where cannabis plants thrive. The extreme temperature swings, the wind, rain, Mendocino sunshine, planting during the new moon, nutrient-rich, native soil and sparkling, PH and alkaline balanced water help developing plants flourish and grow huge, strong and frosty. This, plus organic inputs, regenerative farming methods, water conservation, composting, Grateful Dead played to the plants, handcrafted farming, sacred seeds and LOVE make First Cut Farms cannabis flowers unique and desired.

Extremely Passionate

Jerry's a dedicated and hard-working farmer. His love of cannabis is evident in his lifestyle and his daily schedule. He works with cannabis nearly every waking hour. He grew cannabis for patients with HIV and Aids in the early 1990s in San Francisco. He lived on a mountain under a log in Mendocino and grew cannabis for patients in need. Friends of First Cut Farms, including fellow growers, savor the flavors and highs from the dank bud grown and bred in Covelo by Jerry.

Genetic Diversity

First Cut Farms strains are unique. Jerry creates sophisticated and complex cannabis cultivars. First Cut Farms is committed to producing new strains that have amazing flavors and effects. Jerry has been breeding for over 10 years. He's developed proprietary strains that yield massive plants and dense buds with high oil production and potency. He creates high THC strains with unusual and full-flavored terps.

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