#FarmersFirst – Ventoso Farms Goji OG

#FarmersFirst – Ventoso Farms Goji OG
May 19, 2019 Noa

#FarmersFirst – Ventoso Farms Goji OG

Have you tried Goji OG yet? Lovingly cultivated by Ventoso Farms in Mendocino, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. Flavored with sweet, ripe berries and a hint of herbaceous hops, Goji OG offers fast-acting mental effects, creating creative energy and an expansive mindset. Recommended for daytime use, you’ll experience heady euphoria and depression-busting mood elevation. The results will leave you feeling creative, motivated and happy.

Order Goji OG online for in-store pick-up here.

Ventoso Farms, our May spotlight farm, is a small, organic farm located in Mendocino’s Round Valley. They specialize in organic, full-sun, outdoor farming. Learn more about them here!

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