#FarmersFirst: First Cut Farms – Covelo, Mendocino County

#FarmersFirst: First Cut Farms – Covelo, Mendocino County
March 11, 2019 Noa

#FarmersFirst: First Cut Farms – Covelo, Mendocino County

Working with Northern California’s small cannabis farms is one of our favorite parts of our business. Each farm offers unique perspectives on growing cannabis, different growing styles, strain portfolios and a backstory that makes them completely unique.

First Cut Farms is located in Covelo, in the northeastern region of Mendocino County. They utilize the unique terroir develop their unusual portfolio of full-spectrum and light-dep cannabis strains. Initially introduced into the cannabis business by mentor and legendary cannabis activist Dennis Peron, Jerry of First Cut Farms has dedicated his life to developing uncommon and standout strains.

A trellising system allows their full-spectrum plants to reach heights of 10ft tall and 5ft in diameter by maximizing sunlight and airflow for robust and healthy growth.

Watch an interview with Jerry here and see photos of the farm.

High Society members will receive a deluxe arrangement of First Cut Farms strains in their March Hot Boxes. There’s still time to sign up for High Society and score this month’s box with bonus concentrate! Just $125/box.

Not a High Society member and still want to try First Cut Farms’ delicious cannabis? Pick up some light-dep Lime Volt or Zkittles before they’re gone!

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