#FarmersFirst: Black Garlic OG by Ventoso Farms

#FarmersFirst: Black Garlic OG by Ventoso Farms
May 15, 2019 Noa

#FarmersFirst: Black Garlic OG by Ventoso Farms

Black Garlic OG is a standout strain from this month’s featured small farm partner Ventoso Farms. Indica-dominant, Black Garlic OG is an earthy, skunky strain with a hint of sweetness. It’s an Afghan Kush descendent.

You can expect warm, heavy relaxation as well as relief from pain and nausea. This strain is excellent for evening use and will free your mind from daily stress while relaxing your body into a sleep-ready state. Give it a try for insomnia!

These chunky, resinous buds were lovingly hand-raised by Ventoso Farms, located in the Round Valley region of Mendocino. Specializing in outdoor, organic, full-sun cannabis and biodynamic compatible farming methods, each plant cultivated by Ventoso receives personal attention. The results speak for themselves in their unique, boutique strains that are both potent and rich in delicious terpenes.

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