Doctor Approval

How can I get a medical cannabis recommendation?

The best approach is to speak openly and honestly with your current doctor. Ask your doctor if medical cannabis can help with your serious medical condition. If your doctor determines that medical cannabis is right for you, they can write a recommendation.

For a Medical Cannabis recommendation to be valid in the State of California, it must contain these components:

  • The recommendation must be written on the doctor’s letterhead and should be a typed formal letter; it may not be simply a written memo or prescription.
  • The recommendation must contain the disease / ailment, as well as the date that the recommendation expires.
  • The doctor must sign the recommendation.
  • The recommendation must contain the doctor’s CA Medical License Number.

A recommendation containing these elements written by any doctor in the State of California is valid in a court of law, and it will allow a patient to gain access to a dispensary.

Recommendation Verification

On your initial visit, as well as any time you are updating your recommendation, Natural Cannabis Company contacts each patient’s doctor to verify their recommendation is valid.

Depending upon your doctor, verification may take up to one week. Some recommendations offer 24-hr online verification, others are only verifiable Monday through Friday during the doctor’s office business hours. To ensure prompt verification, members are permitted to have their doctor fax a verification prior to visiting OrganiCann, Oakland Organics or our Hopland location. Our fax number is 707-588-8811. Upon arrival, we will require time to create a member profile before you may enter the dispensary. New and updating members will be required to fill out a Membership Agreement form.

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