Blazing Oaks Homestead Cannabis

Sanel Valley, Mendocino County

A third generation family farm and homestead located in the beautiful Sanel Valley of Mendocino County, Blazing Oaks strives to produce the most unique, delicious, sun-grown cannabis possible.

100% Sun-Grown

Blazing Oaks utilizes the region's unique climate, which borders between sub-tropical and Mediterranean allowing many cannabis strains to be grown under the summer sun.

Perfectly Located

Northern California has one of the most ideal climates for cannabis in the entire world and the Sanel Valley's clean air, pristine water, and handcrafted organic soils all attribute to the unique terroir found in Blazing Oak's medical cannabis.

Full of Passion

Blazing Oaks puts an incredible amount of passion and intention in to every strain they produce, which is clearly evident in their finished products.

Farming at Its Best!

In addition to medical cannabis, Blazing Oaks also produce a range of other agricultural products such as grass-fed beef, blue chicken eggs, Tuscan style olive oil, and many different types of fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

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