All Cali Farms

Sonoma County

All Cali Farms has been cultivating 100% organic, small-batch indoor cannabis for nearly 15 years. Locals to Sonoma County, All Cali Farms focuses on incredible flavor profiles while going to great lengths to remain 100% organic, soil grown and indoors.

100% Organic

All Cali goes to great lengths to ensure their cannabis is grown 100% organic, going as far to make their very own organic cloning gels!

Indoor Grown

All Cali specializes in indoor cultivation. Their organic craft cannabis is grown in small batches to ensure that each plant is attended to with care and passion.

Family Owned

All Cali is a family run farm, operated by a dynamic duo of scientists excited to bring out each strain's full terpene potential.


All Cali finds it incredibly important to not only protect their surrounding ecosystems but to improve them by way of bee and bat farms, enhancing the habitat around their farm.