5 Easy to Grow Cannabis Strains for New Gardeners

5 Easy to Grow Cannabis Strains for New Gardeners
April 10, 2017 Randy Barnes
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5 Easy to Grow Cannabis Strains for New Gardeners

By Zelda Flowers

Cannabis is not difficult to cultivate, however high quality cannabis can be. Strains vary in their nutrient requirements and resistance to common problems like disease, insects and mold. More delicate plants will only flourish under specific conditions. For new cannabis growers, or those who don’t want to commit to meticulous maintenance and care, it’s best to start with hearty, resistant strains that grow vigorously and produce high yields. Here are a few strains to consider:

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a classic, aromatic strain favored by many consumers for its pleasant euphoria and creative mental energy. It’s also a sturdy, high yielding strain that’s forgiving to novice gardeners. Resistant to most pests and disease, Blue Dream will grow large, often requiring support during flowering and will produce a lot of heavy buds. It’s not too particular about watering and feeding. Clones root quickly.

Blue Dream is a great choice for new gardeners who want a reliable daytime strain and have room for larger plants.

  1. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a fruity, cheesy strain that provides highly euphoric cerebral effects and solid body relaxation. Indica dominant, Blue Cheese is shorter, sturdier plant making it a nice choice for smaller spaces. It’s also mold resistant and can still do well in humid conditions. The strong fragrance may deter some gardeners as it can be hard to mask if you’re trying to stealth grow. It doesn’t require a tremendous amount of care and has a decent margin of error for novices.

Blue Cheese is a medium size, highly pungent strain, high in THC and produces powerfully euphoric cerebral effects with full body relaxation. Not a good choice for covert grows due to strong aroma.

  1. Cherry AK

This hearty, cherry flavored AK-47 phenotype is a vigorous grower that’s resistant to stress. Clones root fast and respond well to a variety of conditions. Good for daytime recreational and medical use, Cherry AK starts out with a strong mental buzz eventually melting into a relaxing body sensation. THC averages around 17% but can be as high as 26%. Plants can grow quite tall if allowed and may require encouragement for branching.

Cherry AK is a popular cherry-flavored phenotype of the powerhouse strain AK-47 that is commonly available as clones. Resistant to stress, it’s a rapid grower that will provide a high yield of potent, energizing buds.

  1. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the most potent and popular strains on the current market. It’s a fantastic strain for both recreational and medical use, providing powerful cerebral effects and a calming, peaceful body melt. Gorilla Glue is a high yielding, tall plant responding well to intense light and resistant to heat and humidity. It received the “glue” name due to its high resin production, frequently “gluing” scissors together when trimming. Train and top these plants for denser production and to keep the height down.

Gorilla Glue #4 is an easy-to-grow, potent strain that provides powerful mental and physical effects perfect for afternoon and evening use. Tall, vigorous plants respond well to intense light and warmer conditions.

  1. White Widow

An Amsterdam favorite, White Widow is a novice-friendly strain that provides an intense mental buzz with vivid visual effects and medium/light body relaxation. Despite being indica dominant, White Widow is known as a mainly cerebral strain. It’s resistant to disease and good for both indoor and outdoor grow conditions. Due to its potency and high yield, just a couple of plants could produce enough to satisfy a seasoned smoker’s needs for many, many months

White Widow is an Amsterdam classic known for its intense, bright, cerebral high and mild-to-moderate body melt. It’s easy to grow, resistant to problems and produces high quantities of highly potent, resinous buds.

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